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And Then There Were None.

I remember a face with hopeful eyes,
Trusting smiles,
Boundaries outdone.

A hand that would guide me,
Help me, provide me
With my every wish,
And then there were none.

Such a burden,
This cognitive shift,
This condition; inexplicably numb.

Taking for granted
My every wish,
I frowned at the smiles,
And then there were none.

Hope, smothered deep in the layers of armor,
Suffocates there with the last emotions.

Still, in the back of my mind, there’s a flare
Burning now and again
To remind me of what was.

Ignore it I can’t,
But fight it, I will.
I can’t have this selfish interruption.

When glass walls are growing and will power slowing and I suffer only deterioration.

The flare in the back of my mind sets ablaze
What I thought needed storage in the folds of my brain.
And as knowledge leaks out my ears and evades
My desperate attempts to keep it from escape,
A lonely emptiness is left in its wake
And all I can see is the hope in your face.

- Alissa White-Gluz, 2013

Photo by @jeremysaffer

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